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I am combining my first Thursday of the month, Spiritual Thursday's post hosted by Irene Latham, and Poetry Friday with Tanita as hostess!  You can read the Spiritual Thursday's writers' posts about their OLW "One Little Word" for 2019 - a recap of the words that directed lives this year, and poetry for a Friday. Thank you, Michelle Barnes, for sharing my poem today at Today's Little Ditty.  You have so much on your plate that is delicious and savorable!  And I am so pleased to have contributed to your newest anthology!  I'm enjoying the reading and rereading!
I have not been up to speed on my blog, but I blog when I can, and when there's inspiration. Here's today's time and inspiration.  Perhaps you can guess what my One Little Word will be for next year.


I did not
    have a word.
But I did have
days and weeks of
fortnights and months of
hours of waking;
minutes of sleeping;
       without a word.
It was a time of
gluing together,
    ripping apart,
       changing direction,
forging ahead;
    juggling shattered plates
       without a word.
It was
heaving memorabilia,
    savoring memories,
learning new road signs,
    carving new life signs.
It was
without compass
    or sextant
       (the stars were clouded anyway);
the GPS recalculating
    route and
    distance and
       still without a word.
There were storms withstood,
    dancing dreams,
       pins and needles.
There were
       and blessings,
But never was there a word
    of anchor.
I think it would have required
    a boulder sized word,
       or maybe mountainous.
Perhaps that should have been my word.
    Mountain -
       (For that is what I sought)
The refuge of a mountain,
    above the fray,
       closer to pray.
I dragged rocks around that
    I could have given away
       or should have let stay.
Next year
       a word
Lighter than air
    fluttery like a butterfly
    confident as a robin,
       happy as hopping,
       spider web strong,
       fearless regardless,
    positive as punctuating with a period,
       full of yes, more, please -
       sparse of nay and
       devoid of dismay
    I'll grasp,
Yet all the while
    I'll recall how
    is knowing I can,
       with help,
             without a word.

by Donna JT Smith, 12/5/2019

Thank you for reading.  Thank you for always being so, so positive and supportive.  I love this group.


  1. The packing and unpacking and repacking. The shape of this poem moves it. And the last part about faith is true.

    1. It's been a journey of Faith, and continues to be so. Faith is my One Little Word for 2020.

  2. That 'knowing' you can is a comfort, but still hard. What a year you've had and shown poignantly in your poem, Donna! Enjoy the holidays with the grandchildren!

    1. I am certainly looking forward to the holidays with the grandchildren...and all the days!

  3. At first I thought your word was "waiting," then "hoping" then "walking/moving."
    And I think faith probably combines all three.
    Thank you for pointing out Irene's spiritual posts; what an interesting idea!

    1. Yes, "faith" will be posted on my refrigerator for 2020!

  4. I can so relate to this poem as we moved this year, too. The packing and unpacking and repacking and thinking, unthinking rethinking and learning new road signs and life signs. It's exhilarating and exhausting, isnt' it? And faith will see us through.

    1. I've gotten the exhausting...not much of the exhilarating, lol! But persevering with faith does have its amazing moments.

  5. You've had quite a year...and yet you continue to shine!

    1. Thanks, Mary Lee... I'm trying to get my glow on, lol!

  6. So glad to hear from you this week. Sounds like an unsettling year for you -- hope 2020 brings good things. Faith!!

    1. It has been "unsettling", but this week's Poetry Friday has seemed to be the beginning of a new old feeling! Lovin' it! There's much more to wade through, but knowing I've made it through this much, seems like the rest is totally doable. Faith is my word. I'd almost let it go.

  7. Oh Donna, what a path you've been traveling these many months. You are more than resilient—your creativity and faith are thriving (even if it doesn't always feel that way). Thank you for your poetry and positivity. You are an inspiration.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. I am forging ahead, though, as you said, it doesn't always feel like it. I know I'm moving when I look back and see the wake I'm leaving. Lol!


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