Red Foxes and Maples

This week we saw changing leaves and spied a beautiful, healthy fox in a field.  Don't usually see a fox in broad daylight unless it is sickly.  This one had a gorgeous bushy tail and was leery of crossing the field in plain sight, so he looked more like he'd been disturbed from his daytime slumber.

It reminded me of the maples turning red surrounded by the greens.  I'd passed the tree a few times, and then we actually turned around so that I could take the picture.  I just had to have it for a poem that was brewing.

 Of Maples and Foxes

Scarlet in the field 
to the cold
of deepest white
and sparkling ebony nights;
through the golden stubbly fields
and heron's cooling marsh
under unmarred blue skies;
spires of fading greens
piles of gray stones stitched acres
and babbling crystal brooks;
from ever-deep-greens
through yellow tipped hedges
around silver sheds and barns;
and green
turns to gold 
and gold 
burns to red 
and red
spurns the white
cold ebony night
and scarlet
returns to 
the crimson maple.

by Donna JT Smith, ©2018

I am sorry, but I will likely not visit others blogs this week.  I wrote and scheduled this a few weeks ago in case I couldn't get back to it.  Just noticed that it did post, and I'd even forgotten that I'd done it.  So here I am apologizing.  Hope your week is fun and your school year is going well, if you are teaching and retirement is going well, if you are doing that!


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