Rat's Nest Infestation

Rat's Nest Infestation

nothing today
much more than 
to say
not sad
nor depressed
just empty
with each daily issue
no need of a tissue
  i'm okay
some sun
with a twist
of a key could assist
might unwind 
in my mind
this rat's nesting
replace infestation
with pure relaxation
that would be cool
with no one to fool
 and nothing
to say
 i'm really

by Donna JT Smith, ©2018

Sorry to have missed Poetry Friday yesterday, though I did write this.  Good title, huh?

It was a mind busy day.  There have been lots of them lately.  I'm still joyful, and okay.  Just pensively pent up.  So many things I cannot fix for others.  It tears my heart.  I need to let go.  Breathe.

Now, today, I'm out for a bit on my own in SB wanting, waiting, writing for a story to happen.


  1. "Pensively pent up"--I know that feeling, though have never expressed it so well. I hope that the breathing is coming easier along with the letting go.

    1. I am up and about - drinking coffee, and just finished the pulled barbeque chicken for church dinner. I'm looking forward to a day of reminders that I am where and when I am supposed to be. Going to remember the breathing, too!! LOL! You can't help much if you aren't breathing now and again! PS I DID write at Starbucks. Got a rough draft of a story done. So yesterday was better than I thought it would go.

  2. Your words are fitting for some of my days: "mind busy day" and "pensively pent up." And then from your poem: "i'm okay / some sun / with a twist/ of a key could assist / might unwind / in my mind." I think my "mind projects" are tipping the scale too much and I need to insert some "hand projects." Perhaps filling my house with my son and his family (wife & three kids, visiting) coupled with all the family activities that will spontaneously happen with my kids and grandkids that live here for the next three weeks will balance that scale for now. Happy Monday to you, Donna.


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