North Wind's Talking

Oh, the signs of winter coming are everywhere.  I love the autumn, except for the realization that winter is coming next.  I'm hoping it isn't quite as large a winter as we had last year.  I just don't feel like shoveling.  A least the puppy is taller this year, and our old dog isn't around to crawl up the icy steps.  Actually, I did a pretty decent job of clearing the ice by chipping away at it when the sun was out.  But that is hard of the shoulders and elbows.  I'd rather not do it... I do hope spring comes quickly!

Here is my poem today.  It was started a couple of weeks ago when I read someone else's poem, and something struck a chord.  Now I can't remember whose it was.  If I stumble across it I will reference it here later.  I'm tired now and must schedule this to post and go to bed!  I may add a picture tomorrow also.  I've just been out straight working on Sunday School lessons, Puppet scripts, mailings and video clips for a 7 week program with our church's kids program.  It is fun and good, but it is also draining my energy for anything else.  I did manage to start the dishwasher last night!  Now to get some clothes washed!

Highway in Fall

North Wind's Talking

Clock's tick-tocking,
Geese are flocking,
Trees are rocking
North wind's talking,
Winter's mocking,
Squirrel's caulking

Cold is shocking,
Knees are knocking,
Put on stocking
Sun is balking,
Gulls are squawking,
Boats dry dock in

Sleet is pocking,
Clouds are blocking,
Frost is chalking
Kids are gawking,
Sleds unlocking,
Snow is frocking

by Donna JT Smith

Though there is no snow on the ground yet, we have had a frost and some snow flurries - par for the course for Maine in October. Maybe it will be a low snow year. Last year we didn't get our October snow and remember what happened? We'll see.  No matter what aberration in snowfall, it's all normal for the coast of just never know what will befall...or bewinter....

"More poetry," you say?  I say, "Go on over to Jammin' Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup!"  She's hosting the poetry today for the weekly Poetry Friday Roundup!  Enjoy!


  1. As much as I love Maine, I think it's probably too cold for me during the winter months. Wonderful poem, Donna -- great use of active verbs and rhyme. I can feel the urgency of seasonal transition.

  2. Nicely done, Donna! I love the rhyme and wordplay. Wishing you an easy winter!

  3. Wonderful rhyme and rhythm. Some of my favorite lines:

    "Squirrel's caulking


    "Sleet is pocking,"

    and my most fave:

    "Snow is frocking

    Someday I want to see your famous New England fall colors in person. Your photo gives a hint.

  4. Clever, Donna! I'll bet your puppet scripts are great, too. I echo Michelle's sentiments for an easy winter.

  5. Befall or bewinter! Love it. You're so good with word play. I could see me bouncing a baby on my knee and sharing this poem, with a drop on the one-word lines. I marvel at how different our falls and winters are. If you need to warm up, you have an open invitation in MS! (And we harvested 900 lbs of honey so there's plenty for your breakfast!)

    1. Someday we just may be there for breakfast! We do have some family in Hot Springs...that's not so awfully far away! You have a standing invitation to likewise "cool off" here on the coast of Maine. We may not have honey, but I know where some lobsters abide.
      I have been meaning to go on your honey of a site and order more honey! It was a big hit at our house. I love it in...well, everything! Been savoring it! You should see an order from me shortly!

  6. Thanks for this wonderful (linguistically speaking) winter preview. I'm with you, I'd like to skip winter, or at least the ice and snow. I especially love the one-word lines, and that the hopeful spring-word- green--has the last word! God bless you. Thanks!

  7. I enjoyed your rhythmic poem Donna. October snow? Wow? When I grew up in Central NY we had snow from Thanksgiving to Easter but never October. Your highway scene is much more lively than mine on Long Island. Would you have a short poem to accompany that photo that would speak of the colors of Maine's autumn for Autumn's Palette Gallery?


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