Stained Glass

Stained eyes
Eyes strain
And we don’t know
The creep of sepia
Into our world
But then
He comes
And whittles away at
The years
And tears
And shows us what
Our eyes could not see
Blind to the brilliance
Right in front of us
All the time
And curtains
Are parted
And the world becomes
Clearly defined
With millions of twinkling shades
Of color
Of light
That were there
All along
Though only now
Can we see the glory of
Stained glass.


  1. Wonderful, Donna. So happy that your surgery came to this certain realization that you could indeed see again! Woo-hoo! I like the way you arranged the words.

  2. such succinct word choice, and such insightful comparisons. Love this!

    1. Thanks - now I'm sitting here thinking again. I think I have some more thoughts! I may have to try to add something in the middle or maybe it's just a new

  3. wow---so thought provoking---lovely!

    1. Oh, good, Lynn. I had hoped it would have a "first glance" (so to speak!) meaning and then a second - more than cataracts! Thanks!


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