Poem Rewritten and Excuse Given

Hope everyone is having a great start to the school year.  It's the first day of school here in our town.  I'm going in town for cookies and tea with another retired teacher friend, so that we can watch the buses leave the schools and take kids home on their first day.  It is still fun to watch the first day excitement. 
Oh, the end of the first day in first grade...can't say I miss that! 
"How am I getting home?"
"It says you are on bus 21."
"Which one is that?" 
"The same one you came on this morning."
"My mom drove me to school today."
"Don't worry, we will get you to the right bus."
"I think my mom is picking me up."
"I don't have a note from her about that."
"Oh, yeah, it's in my lunchbox."
"No, she's not, the note says today you need to go on whatever bus will get you to your sitter's house..."
Sobbing sounds begin - from both the child and the teacher...

I came across my notes for a poem for March Madness 2013 and reworked some of the lines.  We saw two owls a few weeks ago in a tree on our front lawn.  They flew off as I was trying to focus a camera on them.  I love seeing owls.  They remind me so much of cats.  Flying cats.  Another poem for another day.

A quizzical fowl
Was Sir Rhett the Owl
His question was always the same.
Whoo, whoo?

Simply rhetoric
To a rabbit cadaveric -
Why befriend "what's his name"
As you chew?

Of course, owls don't really chew, but rather tear and swallow...but it doesn't rhyme.  I guess I could have used a bit more poetic license and said "swallooo".

On a personal note...
I'm having one cataract done tomorrow!  And the next the first week of October!  That will perhaps make it easier to read blogs and write my blog again.  Looking forward to that!
Though these glasses helped me see better than I could before, my right eye has continued to get cloudier, and it isn't easy to read with or without glasses on - so I've slacked off a bit.  Looking forward to "seeing you" again!


  1. Good luck with the surgery! I've been wondering where you've been. You made me laugh with your plan for tea and cookies this afternoon. One of the best parts of being retired is knowing the trauma going on in school and you can sit back and relax. Retirement is a reward.

    1. Thanks! I'm thinking that it will be much more enjoyable to read and write by November!
      And, yes, retirement is a nice time! The summer seems to last longer now...

  2. Cookies and tea is a good way to start a school year, both in or out of it. I like your comment about the summer lasting longer. One of my friends commented that the summer gave the teachers a glimpse of what retirement feels like. I found it to be about doing things I choose to do. Less pressure. I hope you will fully enjoy your retirement. Good luck with the surgery.

    1. Just got back from my giant gingersnap and an iced coffee actually... way too hot and humid for a hot drink today! We had a pleasant seat at an open window overlooking the center of town, so could see buses finishing up delivering high schoolers and passing by loaded with grade school kids. It was a beautiful day!

  3. I started my first day of school sleeping until 8:00. I didn't need to be at my desk at 7:15. Retirement does have its perks. Enjoy!

  4. Cookies and tea?? Sounds delicious. I am glad that you still get to "enjoy" the first day of school.

  5. WOW, we are some group :) Can't say that I miss that very first day of school, the day when you sit with the faculty and worry about your first outfit... It's wonderful to love September, isn't it?

    1. It is certainly a different take on September than when I spent August setting up my room. I can still go to the ocean...oooh, no kids there. As soon as my eye is done, I'm heading to the beach for a bit of September Sea and Sunshine!


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