Feeling a Little Blue?

So, here's my dog, Pippi, sitting by her stuffed moose, Retrievering, as usual.  All in a day's work.

My daughter and grandson left this weekend after visiting for two weeks.

Pippi was very fond of my grandson's toys, though the books were of very little interest to her.  This twinkling ball was wonderful, and she also kept sneaking off with a small, blue stuffed whale of his. I discovered that she enjoys retrieving paper airplanes, too.  Fortunately, she is a Golden, so her mouth is very soft.  We get her chew toys, and she keeps them for years.  I think she still owns every toy we've ever given her.  We try to only give her children's stuffed animals, as she doesn't like the squeak in all the dog toys.  She hardly ever makes a toy squeak though.  But if we accidentally step on it, and it squeaks, she gets concerned for its health and well-being.

Pippi has enjoyed having this cracker dropper/toy hauler around.
I think she misses him, almost as much as I do.
The cat...not so much.

Bye-bye!  Thanks for sharing!


  1. I had a yorkie that everything my oldest grandson ate figuring if it was good enough for the baby it was good enough for him. My grandson always ate one and gave the dog one. So what did the yorkie eat, let me see...bananas, strawberries, blueberries, squash, tomatoes, green beans and peas...ah heck, everything.

    Whenever my grands went home he'd place his stuffed rabbit toy on the floor by the door and wait for them to come back. Then he would mope for days until they visited again.

  2. My dog goes straight for the squeakers and does everything she can to get them out of the toys. Maybe, though, she's doing surgery?

    I love that picture with the blue mouth. Now, I want to get my dog a glowing ball.

    1. Oh, yeah, you should get one. As long as she doesn't try to get to the glowing light inside! We never have any worries with Pippi. Her toys from way back are all intact.

  3. Love your words - "retrievering" and "cracker dropper" - so much joy and love in this piece.

  4. Hi Donna! So happy to hear you had some grand boy time, & so long too! What fun, & I imagine your dog misses all the excitement of company!

  5. Awe I love retrievers. They're adorable.

    We have a black lab, and he doesn't like when things squeak either.


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