No U-Turns

The prompt today on Poetry Jam calls for a poem about an impossible place.

I cannot go back
to live the life
I must be satisfied
with the one trip
as well as I could
to make changes
to things
before today
no U-turns
no reverse gear
only the mirror
to see where I have been
eyes focus
on the now and future
make the right turns
say the right words
so I will be
when I look
and I will not care that
there is no
and that
is an impossibility.


  1. only works forward....though we def spend a bit of time trying to figure that out now dont we....smiles...make the first shot count...

  2. So true, life has streets that run only in one direction, with no u turns allowed. We have one time only to get the direction right.

  3. I don't know if there's a "right" way, or that I'll be satisfied looking back ... no matter what words I say or direction I take! But focusing on the now (soooo hard ... I'm too often thinking of the future and forgetting the past), now that's tough.

  4. You are right, we can never make a u-turn during our life journey but we can focus on the now and make sure the scenery gets nicer and nicer.

  5. How true, no rewind button, no second chances to rewrite our own personal history. We can only go forward and try to make amends and try nto to repeat mistakes. Lovely write...

  6. Reverse is impossible. There is a profound message in this piece. The title: No U-turns - elicited a knowing-smile from me, as I read on. Very clever.

  7. Very creative take on the prompt! There definitely is not turning around but I like that you included the mirrors because we can definitely look back!Thanks for posting this.

  8. Sometimes I wish I had a time machine which would be fun! But this is life with no U-turns true! That's how we learn from mistakes done previously. Such a nice take on the prompt!

  9. Time allows no u turns in life donna ... So true....

  10. (Ha, Donna, I loved your response to my poem. Thanks for taking the time....smiles.)

  11. Thanks for visiting me. I saw your cute Noah cat page too LOL...I have 5 cats myself. This poem is lovely and a real look in the mirror for me as well. I am also striving to always look to the future as life is an accumulation of all our experiences, both painful and joyful.

  12. Make the right move, luv the message

    Much love...

  13. how true !! clever take on the prompt :)

  14. I have just realised my problem... I have been constantly making u turns:) Thanks !

  15. Great take on this! That is an impossible world. Like how you aim to take the right turn... :-) I think we all do, I definitely relate to this poem

  16. Regrets are a waste of life, and this really makes you stop and consider life. Great take on the prompt and i love the form.

  17. True that is.. Life has no U-turns! We can only reflect on our past and try to make the future better! The best thing is to live in the moment :)

  18. I love the idea of the past as an impossible place. That's what it really is: a place we can never go to. The only "possible" places we can visit are the present and the future. I really liked your take on the prompt, Donna! And I also love the message: the past can't be changed, so regrets are pointless.


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