Friday, June 22, 2012

Who's Paying Attention?

Sometimes things just amaze me, and I have to remember who's in charge here and who to thank.  And it isn't I...

Sunset last night

Who's Listening?

Are you listening for His voice
When faced with doubt and fear?
Are you watching for His hand
When problems disappear?

So easily we take a bow
Or thank our lucky stars,
When really it's not luck that we've
Caught moonbeams in our jars.

It isn't we who've done the job,
It wasn't on our own;
Without the hand of God to hold
The victory'd be unknown.

Will you give credit where it's due
And thank Him for His love,
Confessing that it's not of you
But by His hand above?

He listens for your voice today;
And wishes that you'd see
The blessings that are given you,
Those things that could not be.

Donna J.T. Smith


  1. Great poem!
    I would point out, though, that we do have to be holding out our jars.

    1. Oh, you are so right! I keep the lid off all the time, too!

  2. This is so nice, Donna. You must have had some kind of awakening, or was it just that gorgeous sunset? I love this part: When really it's not luck that we've/Caught moonbeams in our jars. I hope all is okay?

    1. Things are great! But thanks for asking. Just reflecting on some great conversations this week.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. How wonderful to have friends that inspire poems such as this! Thank you for this reminder...blessings are everywhere, and sometimes I just need to open my eyes and see the beauty in my own life-jar.

  4. Beautiful poem! It's so true that many people only remember God then times are tough. Hopefully I am not one of them. I try not to be. :-)


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