Poetry Friday on Saturday

So busy yesterday.  Wishing I had my motorcycle here!  It was SO warm the past two days.  The torrential thunderstorm last night erased all traces of icy snow that was remaining in tucked away spaces.  The snow doesn't get as dirty here as in Maine.   And by dirty, I mean "dirt".  Because of plowing much dirt is taken up in the snow and as the piles melt, the dirt begins to be exposed until the former snowbanks become dirt banks.  Here no one really plows or shovels anything.  They leave it because it isn't that deep, but it really is enough to make driving hazardous.  Hence the snow days for kids when we would have gone easily.  Maine owns snowplows and front end loaders.  Pennsylvania does not, or at least where we are doesn't.

Here's a picture I took yesterday.  It is springing here. Snowdrops in my garden...


We came this way
the first of fall
survived here 
through the snow
We had not glimpsed
a spring as yet
nor still the summer's glow.  
But now the silent gardens wake
and prophesy a blessing
relax renew refresh yourself
cast off your cold distressing
and wrap yourself in warming sun
in comfort as revealed
in snowdrops as reminders
of the future
snow concealed.
by Donna JT Smith, ©3/16/2019


  1. How did I miss this! No snowdrops here; the snow is still around, but going fast! I do have some lily tendrils peeking up. I thought PA had big storms, too, thus needed plows. Interesting to hear how different areas do winter! I like this first person voice!

    1. I wonder if there are bigger storms elsewhere in PA. Here, they don't seem to. If it storms it goes in a day or two with rain. It is hard to tell, since people here seem to think it's a storm when by Maine standards it is a bit of snow. So talking about the "storm" conjures up different images depending on where you from! They used leaf blowers to clean the sidewalks on our street after the first storm. And they just leave their cars parked on the road, so snow stays piled up around the cars until they can each shovel out. Maine has parking bans so they can plow everything clean, and has sidewalk snowblowers or plows. Just different. It is definitely spring here. Birds are crazy singers. There are a lot of songs I don't recognize.

  2. The signs of spring are so, so welcome! Even here in Southern California. We've had a chilly (for here), rainy winter and everyone is loving the blooming of the usually brown hills. Although, after this winter, I'm thinking that I really enjoy drought!

    1. Good snow cover was always a blessing in Maine, at least after the raging river season and threats of flooding in the spring melt. But it means good growing with a good water table. Yes, so happy to have spring. We shall see if I can tolerate summer here next!


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