A Slug's Bio

Rebecca Herzog made up this poem game to get the juices flowing, and I always love a challenge... even when I'm cloggy nosed and coughy.  So I tried it again today.  I left one in the comments yesterday from my 5, 2, 1 combo... Dribble, Dying, Botanist....

Here's the game:
Write the numbers 1-6 on strips of paper and draw them out of a bowl or use dice to generate three numbers.  Use the prompts below to compose a poem:

1. Cherita
2. Haiku
3. Bio Poem
4. Acrostic
5. Dribble
6. Limerick

1. Winning
2. Dying
3. Travel
4. Season
5. Alone
6. Haunted

1. A botanist
2. A door
3. A cafeteria
4. a toy
5. A slug
6. A geologist

I picked three numbers.  I got a 3, 2, 5 combination (there are three of each number so you could get a 1, 1, 1).   The result was I had to write a "Bio Poem",  with the topic of "Dying" and the Character being "a slug".  Here's a Bio Poem format, in case you are unfamiliar with it:

  1. Your first name only
  2. Four traits that describe you
  3. Sibling/son/daughter of
  4. Lover of ... (list three people, ideas, events)
  5. Who feels ... (list three items)
  6. Who needs ... (list three items)
  7. Who gives ... (list three items)
  8. Who fears ... (list three items)
  9. Who would like to see ... (list three items)
10. Resident of ... (City, street or physical location)
11. Your last name only

The Bio Poem about a slug and dying, too.....

I’m slow, slimy, shell free, and slippery
I am a son-daughter born of my mother-fathers and have snails in my tree
Moisture, the dark, fungi and plants please my tentacles and fringed foot
If I thought about it much I might feel preyed upon, vulnerable - yet I'm slick
My needs are simple and common: water, food and a quiet hiding place
I provide a cleaner Earth, a path of mucus for others to follow, and sustenance for hungry creatures
Perhaps I should fear everything, but really I fear nothing but dryness
I’ve heard of inhospitable places, but someday I'd like to see them: the desert, the ocean and stars
I live in a close up world of lichen, strawberries and daisy petals, and will die for want of a drop of water

by Donna JT Smith, Feb. 3, 2019

I'm still sneezing... lack of mucus doesn't seem to be my problem anyway...


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