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It is Poetry Friday.  I missed last week...just totally got by me!  I have been cleaning and shopping, putting up a tree and unpacking, changing addresses and mailing the former owner's unforwarded mail to her.
I finally got my Swap mailed out.  It is going to Australia, to Erin Mauger, so it will be late-late getting to her!  I've had it ready and carried it about with me until I finally had the time to mail it.

I got Matt Esenwine's swap in the mail here!  And I can tell you that Granite State chocolate is amazingly delicious.  I may just have to go looking for some more online!

Matt's poem creation was no easy task... he sent was a found poem gleaned from my Christmas season blog posts.  Thanks for this capture, Matt!  I love it!

"A Better Christmas"

It is snowing. Again.
In no hurry, we can wait
maybe a few days,
           an evening.
We can still celebrate,
inch along,
take delight in the little things
          pause, take notice,
                  appreciate them, remember
every day is cause for celebration,
a time for family, church,
                  listening to carols,
beautiful sounds.

a gift to others
I might not have given otherwise
save for one
prayer, one thought, one memory,
          one hope...
                  one regret.
There will be delight in the morning
scraps of Christmas
spirit, shimmer and sparkle.

Then it goes away until next year.

© 2018 Matt Forrest Esenwine, all rights reserved

Time to go visit Buffy at Buffy's Blog and see what lovely December offerings have been gathered there.
Poetry will be hosted here next week as we end 2018!


  1. I love these poetry swap posts! Matt outdid himself on this one!

  2. Let's inch along now and savor the sounds, smells, and feelings while we can...nicely done, Matt and Donna!

  3. I read Matt's poem on his blog--happy to read it and savor it again here! Wishing you "every day is cause for celebration!"

    1. Every day is certainly a day to celebrate! There's always something, isn't there?

  4. If it's your line, or Matt's, I do love "scraps for Christmas", Donna. I'm collecting them now as my son & family arrived last night. On to Christmas & celebrating those scraps and so much more!

  5. Thanks for sharing this, Donna...I'm glad you liked it, as I was hoping you'd enjoy a little something "new' for the holiday in your new surroundings! And yes, if anyone is wondering, the entire poem was 'found' - I added none of my own words, just used yours in various contexts and juxtapositions.

  6. Well done, Matt, and happy Christmas in your new home, Donna! Happy 2019 to all.

  7. This is a spectacular gift! I love how Matt took time and attention with your words and added his craft. Just beautiful and so you at the same time. I'd be embarrassed to admit to how long a package may sit on my front seat before I get to a post office! Glad you have something going to Erin. She seems like a great addition to our PF bunch. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  8. What a lovely gift, to receive something so thoughtfully crafted in the mail.

  9. What a wonderful swap poem from Matt! I love found poems. Wishing you a wonderful holiday in your new home.

  10. Matt captured your lines well Donna and the image adds just one more extra layer to all here. Happy Holidays to you and your family in your new home!

  11. Matt definitely captured the essence of YOU in those lines! What a gift! (And chocolate, too! WOW!)

  12. How lovely--all the holiday traditions parceled out in measured little bites of goodness. Congratulations to swappers!


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