It is Poetry Friday, and though I am a little late posting, I'm very happy to be here!  There's nothing like a bit of poetry to liven up the day.  So after spending a little time here, pop on over to check out more links to poetry at Michelle Kogan's!  (Oh, my word... I forgot to link and here it is just after 4:30 pm... I got distracted in the middle of it!)

Here is a rosa rugosa (beach rose) from in front of our home (near the beach).  I am in love with this rose.  It is the best smelling rose around.  Every time we enter or exit the house - almost all summer - we are greeted by their sweetness.

I have taken many pictures of them, and painted them a few times.  I'm hoping to get better at it!  They are so delicate and fairly glow in the sun!  It is hard for me to capture their essence.  I ALWAYS overdo them!
See... it's not even close.

I'm going to do it right one of these days!

Today, I am sharing a photo I took, and a true thought story poem.  Did you ever have this "wonder", I wonder?


I remember
about colors,
I could
spy a new color.
came into fashion,
and new crayon
names appeared…
I thought,
I’ve never seen
these colors!”
But now I know
they have always
been there;
just waiting for me
to look more

by Donna JT Smith ©2018


  1. I'm glad you remembered to link up! That rose is gorgeous. I still wonder about colors--especially who gets the job of coming up with all the names in the Crayola box!

  2. Colors are everywhere for us to see! By drawing, you become more attuned to the nuanced change of color, so subtle a miracle of nature.

    1. I believe it was the fluorescent green that was the first color that registered as a "new color" for me. But drawing and painting has shown me colors that I'd missed before.

  3. Oh, so glad you made it! Were you out at the beach? On your motorcycle? I love the rose that you describe. I remember lily of the valley and lilac from my childhood. Such good memories and such good colors too!

    1. We did ride to the beach today on the motorcycles, where we sat in "our" swing watching the water and gulls. It was about the most perfect day. As we were riding home, it just dawned on me that I'd started to link and then left the house without finishing!

  4. I just walked this afternoon with a friend who pointed out a rosa rugosa and we stopped to smell. It is so lovely. I don't think I've every noticed before. And then I come home to read your post about the very same flower. What a delightful coincidence!

    1. We have big bushes at our house, and there are lots and lots at the beach AND on the ride down to the beach. Love going in and out of the fragrance as you walk or ride by - it is delicate and so delightful! I love that you met Rosa today!

  5. They are so delicate, I agree. And looking closely makes a poet's life slightly easier, right? I love the voice in your poem, Donna.

    1. I have a picture that I took which when blown up, shows the delicate veins in the petals - they would be like fingerprints to us I imagine - no two alike. I've been noticing how the petals are arranged, also. How frustrating to not be able to draw this yet! I'm not giving up thought until I have done one justice (this may be a loooong project! lol!).

  6. This is lovely, Donna. There is so much to see in the world "just waiting for me/to look more/
    closely." Thank you for sharing!

    1. My mom always looked closely and wondered. I'm glad she shared her curiosity with me. Thanks for stopping in!

  7. That's a gorgeous rose Donna, in form and color, it's sometimes hard to compete with the beauty Mother Nature offers us.

    If only more of us could
    "look more closely," Just imagine what we would see … Thanks for this lovely poem.


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