Plethora of Madness Poetry

Today is a voting day for Round 1 in the Madness Poetry Tournament, held by Ed DeCaria.   I've now been to all 32 match-ups, read the two competing poems of each, and voted, plus made comments...
been busy!  But this is well worth the time and energy.  First, these poets have put their words on the line - with 36 hours to write a poem using a given word.  Second, I learn a lot about poetry the more I read it.  Third, there are some words out there I evidently need to my own challenge word "imbroglio"!
Fourth, it gets your mind mellow and energized at the same time!
So go there today and most of tomorrow.  Sign up to vote (you will need to enter and verify your email), and read and vote!  This is time you won't feel you have wasted!!
And if you have a classroom - register them, have them read, talk about, and vote!!  You will feel extra ready for April's poetry month.  They may want to set up a classroom challenge on their own with a word of the day???  Or not.  But some of these poems are just so funny!  You need to take the time from something else today and tomorrow...and then await the results of the voting!  Then do it all again for the second round, third round....ever narrowing down the number of poets and poems in the running...until a champion is announced and receives the coveted "The Thinkier" trophy.


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