I told you I'd tell you about the Metaphor workshop today, but unfortunately I was only able to attend for about an hour.  I kept hearing an insistent buzz from my cell phone across the room, and finally went to see what was up.  We had a family emergency that I couldn't deal with there.  It would require extended time out of the class, so I had to excuse myself.  Rachel said she would send me the comments on my poem, as well as the comments on the other participants' poems.  So I am awaiting those in snail mail.

Meanwhile this week I helped a friend compile a book in Blurb, and because I was going to help her, I refreshed my skills in Blurbify by writing and assembling the book I was going to make for my 3 year old grand daughter for Christmas.  Here's a page from it:

Just a little while ago
Some eggs were slowly hatching
Now you see chicks everywhere
Pecking, eating, scratching!

I am now editing out the dedication page and making it available for sale on Blurb by the end of the day today.  Of course the pictures and text are clearer in real life, since I've pixeled it down some for a web page.  Each page has an image, a short poem, and a question for young reader "audience".  I'm excited to give it to her, and will have to think about ways to separate it from the hubbub of some glittery toy so she notices it!  I should have added a princess page - that was a mistake

Michelle Barnes is celebrating the availability of her second amazing anthology of poems from her Today's Little Ditty blog challenges.  You can pick up a copy here:

The Best of Today's Little Ditty 2016 is available 

 in paperback for $9.95 or as a Kindle ebook for $5.95.

Click HERE to purchase at
It is beautifully illustrated by Teresa Robeson. Read her interview with Teresa here.
Today of course, is Saturday, but because I MEANT this to be posted on Friday, I'm linking it to Poetry Friday where it is being hosted by Jane Whittingham at Raincity Librarian. Go there to connect with lots of great links to poetry and poets!

My Five Word Thankful thought for today:

Brought to You By the Letters

Alphabet's versatility =
messages for posterity


  1. Hi Donna! Sorry about the family emergency & hope all is okay now. The book for your granddaughter looks very cute, and she will love it, despite the joy of toys! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I just finished my grandson's book today and placed that order, too. I'm excited to see how they like them. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! No snow yet, so that's a good thing. We will have Thanksgiving in our same place. Thought LAST Thanksgiving was the LAST Thanksgiving at this place, but we get to celebrate one more time here!

  2. What a fun present, Donna! I like both of the poems here. I think your granddaughter will appreciate this special gift because it's from you, and later when she's older will value it that much more. Thanks for sharing this spread from your book!

  3. What a great gift, Donna. I am off to heck out blurb. I hadn't heard of it before. Sorry to hear the emergency took you away from the workshop. I hope all is well.


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