Friday Phew!

Yesterday I got part of a thought with Laura's 15 Words or Less, but didn't get back to share there.  So I'm posting today to go with her awesome image of a rescued owl.


Night mapping,
Mouse trapping,
Feather wrapping,
Talon tapping,
Beak snapping,
Wing flapping,
Day napping?


by Donna JT Smith

Yesterday they installed my countertop in the house we are in now. 
I love them!

 With the new steps we built and installed ourselves, 
 the redone driveway,

and the new countertop - it has green, white and touches of garnet -
I don't want to move now! 

Things are coming together here!  I know I'll feel better once the kitchen in Friendship starts to come together, too...another story, another day... it is a long story.

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  1. This is actually one of my favorite of your poems! May I use it with my daughters for their poetry and nature study?
    And the kitchen looks great!

  2. What a fun poem! My toes were tapping right along with it! The house is looking good. I hope you will enjoy it (and some deserved rest) once everything comes together.

    1. Such a long process getting things done that needed doing. It's good to have poetry and writing to help keep me glued together!

  3. Great way to capture an owl in so few words, Donna. And all your remodeling looks terrific! I wouldn't want to leave either.

    1. The only thing that will take my attention back to where it needs to be is when the "other" kitchen is finished and can become home to us. I hardly dare to use this!

  4. That owl picture was wonderful, and you did just enough to tease that owl into a wonderful poem. I had to do some "new" things to my "old" house, wondered why I was leaving. Love hearing more news about your move!

    1. I remember, as a child, all the fixing-ups of stuff before we moved and wondering why we hadn't done it for ourselves while we were there! This is way nicer counter top than I've ever had! Lol!

  5. Oh, those countertops are to die for. I wouldn't want to move either! And, I never got back to Laura's blog yesterday to comment on all the life as mom/teacher really sucks up all my energy late in the day. But, I love the rhythm and the beat of this poem. You've got good energy in it. My favorite is night mapping!

  6. Owls are magnificent and your chock-full-of-action poem does them justice. Night mapping is fabulous! Add me to the club who couldn't make it back to post at Laura's yesterday. Somehow Thursday mornings have disappeared!

  7. Donna, you have provided me with the inspiration to document my bathroom renovation. I love the way your kitchen came out. It is amazing how we live with what we have for years before getting the gumption to redesign. Your owl poem is wonderful. The first line sets the scene for me. Please consider offering a poem for my new autumn gallery. The invitation is at

  8. Your Owl poem is wonderful Donna, love the rhythm and beat, and it looks like an owl shape too!
    All your hard work in your home looks lovely, hope you can stay a while and enjoy it.

  9. I love owls and I love love love your rhythmic little owl ditty. Bravo.
    the kitchen is looking awesome, too.


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