Storm Poem in 14 Words

Today is Poetry Friday...though I'm posting this on Thursday, this is my poem share.  Thanks Linda Mitchell at A Word Edgewise, for hosting this gathering today.  I love your "Auction" of beginning lines today.  Such fun!  It would be fun to try in a face to face group, too, where you can hear the poets' thoughts and bids for a line!
I am stealing the line, I've won my bid for
Laura Purdie Salas has her 15 Words or Less Poem Challenge today, with a picture of a storm brewing over a skyline.  Here's my offering today.  It reminded me of a storm coming in over the trees and bluffs of Hokah, Minnesota, when we lived there - and LaCrosse, Wisconsin, when I taught there back a lifetime ago!  It's been long enough that I can look at it differently; back then it was much more serious.  Not sure I ever smiled when a storm laughed overhead.  Especially that one that leveled the home we were building and strew the broken pieces of the house over the valley.  Not funny at all, unless you ARE the storm.

This was not in MN - but in ME one night while out riding around.


Firs and bluffs
Tickle the sky
Chortles rumble
As tears tumble
From storm’s eye.

Donna JT Smith,
July 27, 2017


  1. I love that idea of "tears" tumbling from the sky, Donna! I work at the bookstore on Thursdays, miss writing for Laura's challenge.

  2. Hi Donna, A lot of memory and emotion here, kind of a memory-storm. I'm sad to hear about the storm that leveled your house. That must have been frightening. I like the firs and bluffs, locating me in the poem at the beginning.

  3. that it comes from storm's eye....perfect

  4. So much emotion in so few words! Wonderful!

  5. That sky! So beautiful. That gray with that band of color. I love the images of "tears tumble."

  6. I love the firs tickling the sky. I do love watching a good storm, but I've been lucky to escape any serious damage to life or property, though we've had a few close calls.

  7. Like a typical storm, I think yours needs therapy. He sounds like he is suffering from multiple personality disorder!

  8. My most memorable storm is the one I watched from the front door back home in E. CO. Quarter-sized hail totaled my car. Our trees lost lots of leaves and the flower gardens were just a muddy mess we would have to replant. Later, walking and driving around, I saw corn fields reduced to stalks.

  9. I love the "tickles the sky" We haven't had a good summer storm of late. I love the photo.

  10. Beautiful, evocative poem, and image Donna, I can feel the cascading movement through the lines, thanks!


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