Friday, December 9, 2016

Glad Tidings

It's Poetry Friday, and I have been busy writing a poem for my Winter Swap partner.  And while I was writing and revising... I had to stop and write this one.  It kept intruding on my thoughts.  I was glad that it did.  So here it is.  And then go visit more poetry gladness at Jone's Check It Out!  And sign up for the Friendship Friday postcard exchange while you are visiting her!  I may have to steal that name for something, as we will soon move to Friendship, Maine.  Nice name, huh?
My moving blog is at Gull's been a 5 year process, but it seems that it will actually happen almost in time for my husband's retirement at the end of December.

Glad Tidings

Prepare in the morning,
Prepare in the night;
Keep your heart open,
Prepare for its light.
For ever and ever,
For always, in spite
Of good times or bad,
Of happy or sad;
Remember to look for
That moment of Glad.
You’ll find it in something
So small
Barely showing.
It starts where your heart is,
And then overflowing,
It tickles your soul and
The next person’s toes
Till they too are smiling -
And onward it goes.
It’s there for the finding
Down roads ever winding.
Prepare for
The Gladness;
Be always aware -
It's surrounding
Take it,
Then share.

Donna JT Smith, Dec. 9, 2016

So, there it is. Phew!  My mind is at ease again!  Now I can have a cup of coffee and get back to other things! 🎄

In commenting on other Poetry Fridilians posts, I ran across Mary Lee Hahn's challenge to write a haiku a day for December.  I'm going to do this for the rest of the month, IF I can make myself sit still long enough.  But, hey, a haiku is short.  How hard can it be? LOL!
But here's my first on the 9th.  I just took the dog out, so you can see where my mind was.  It's cold out there without the winter coat now.   I don't change seasons easily.  It takes a long time for me to remember that I need to dress differently!

Wind’s chilled whispering
Tousles hair, flaps sweater,
Suggests coat and hat.


  1. Oh, Donna, I have missed your 'goings on', and how wonderful that you might actually be moving to Gull Haven! Congratulations! And your poem is so Christmasy, and amazing that it was floating around in your head! Love "It tickles your soul and/The next person’s toes". And I'll be watching for the haiku. We were so cold yesterday, and then today, back to jackets!

  2. What a lovely, optimistic poem! Good luck with your move!

  3. Thanks for the reminder. Especially the last line. It's not enough to find it for ourselves...

  4. O, Donna, appreciations from my Heart.
    You provided me a most welcome "moment of Glad."

  5. Welcome back, Donna! That moment of glad does find its way into our hearts in seemingly small ways. Good luck with the move!

  6. thank you for the reminder of the Gladness. You provided the "moment."
    Will moving to Gulf Haven take away the need for that jacket?

  7. So much to love in one post! (Though I admit I saw the boiler repair post first and loved the idea of "putting on a cat"!! Hurray for retirement! Hurray for new adventures in towns called Friendship! Hurray for your bright spirit and all the Glad it brings us! xoxo

  8. I will be looking for the moment of Glad. Thanks for reminding us. Good luck on your move and I like the new blog name.


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