Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A to Z on a Plate - W

I am posting "on the road" with my iPad today, so bear withe me if there's a glitch.  Sometimes my iPad won't let me do as much as easily as I want!  For some reason, after using the touch screen for a while, it doesn't recognize my fingers anymore. Then it skips letters I thought I'd typed and auto-corrects into gibberish.  It hasn't as much to do with the iPad as it does the temperature or "electro-something" of my fingers, because a stylus okay and so are other fingers that I've "borrowed" to test it out!

I had not started a poem for W yet, and thought some about it last night before going to sleep.  I tried a couple, but Wolf 7 kept popping up and ruining all the other poetic attempts   So I succumbed to the Wolf poem.  I wrote it this morning without a lot of edits. So I guess this is supposed to be " the one".


Goldilocks and the 7 Wolves

Goldie came to live one day
Beside a flowing stream
In a house amid the woods -
A setting like a dream!
One day a wolf came knocking
And wanted letting in;
He said his name was Harry
And created quite a din.
"I'm sorry you may not come in,
For I am not a fool!"
The lone wolf went away before
She really lost her cool.
Wolf 2 arrived within an hour
and said, "Hey, open up!
"Surely I could borrow sugar
I only need one cup."
"Go away, you tricky wolf,
I have no sugar, dear;
You and your brother, Wolfie 1,
Should stay away from here!"
He went away but number 3
Soon on her step was found
With pizza to deliver there
But Goldie only frowned,
"Away with you, you sneaky wolf,
You pizza-toting phony!
This is not mine - I ordered cheese -
Not ham and pepperoni!"
3 went away but soon enough
Wolf number 4 arrived;
He had a dozen roses
For a birthday he'd contrived.
"Leave them on the doorstep
Then run along, my friend;
I won't be out to get them
Until you're 'round the bend."
With a sigh 4 went away
And gave the job to 5
Who knew they needed to be fed
If they were to survive.
He pounded on her door so loud
She wondered who it was;
She peeked out of the window
To see what was the buzz.
"Oh, just another wolfie
Who's wanting me to eat
This really is quite troublesome
That I'm such a wolfie treat."
She ran upstairs with water
To dump upon his head
Then Wolfie 5 ran down the drive
And put himself to bed.
The sixth wolf had some mops and brooms
He was selling door to door
But Goldie told him she was set
Her vacuum did the chore.
Now number seven was the last
And wouldn't take a "No".
He rattled on the doorknob
When Goldie said to go.
He climbed up to the chimney
But there was too much smoke
He climbed back down and turned around
Cleared his throat and spoke,
"Oh, Goldie dear you need not fear
We're done wanting to eat you
If you will just give in to us
Whenever we entreat you.
We're only hungry for some meat
Some food you have, one dish!"
"I'll tell you what I'll do," she said,
"I'll teach you all to fish.
Then you can keep on eating
Even when I'm gone away
For though I may be tasty once
I won't be there next day!"
The wolves agreed and kept the deal:
They learned to fish for trout;
And that is how this story ends -
A happy one, no doubt!

By Donna JT Smith, 2016, all rights reserved

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  1. Brilliant, what fun. Glad it ended happily! ~Liz

  2. Goldilocks is one smart cookie. Great poem!

    Carol at My Writing Journal

  3. Fishing wolves, I can see them now. LOL What an eFISHent solution by Goldie.

    Here's mine:

    road tripping
    hyena laughing
    wild thing

    Only three days left!


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