Ayuh to Z Challenge - P

My theme: Book Titles A to Z written by Maine authors,
and a poem for that title each day for the month of April.
The poem is not about the book, but is written with the title as inspiration!
I wrote two separate poems for P - preposterous!

It is also Poetry Friday ----which is also a P word! Head on over to Life on the Deckle Edge where Robyn Hood Black is hosting some good poetry today.

Welcome to P!
 P is for 
Panda Whispers 
by Mary Beth Owens
Panda Whispers

If a panda whispers, listen;
He's telling you what he knows,
Like how far it is from Spain to Maine,
Or how an orange grows. 

No, pandas do not often talk,
Pay attention, though they're lispers;
They're saying something vital
When their voice creeps low to whispers.

2 times 2 is 4, you know,
and c-a-t spells cat;
Augusta is Maine's capital.
Did you know all of that?

Well, there you go, you've learned a lot!
Now, off you go to bed -
Panda has much more to teach;
You'll need a rested head.

©Donna JT Smith, 2014

Mary Beth Owens wrote and illustrated Panda Whispers.   She also wrote A Caribou Alphabet, which was selected by Parenting magazine as one of the ten best picture books of 1991.  In 1995 she was awarded the Lupine Award and the Christopher Award for her illustrations in Prize in the Snow
Mary Beth Owens lives in Walpole, Maine.

Panda Whispers tells what different animal parents might whisper to their offspring as they go to sleep and dream.
A Pig Parade
by Michael Ian Black
Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes
The Pig Parade

March out the band!
Start up the tunes!
Roll out the floats!
Get the balloons!
We’ll need some popcorn,
And ice cream to sell,
Some flags to fly,
Some batons as well;
For the Biggest Parade
You ever have seen...
What? A Pig Parade?
What can you mean?

Oh.  Okay.

March out the hogs
On little pig’s feet,
Get those piglets to wiggle!
Though they aren’t very neat.
Line them up in the mud
Before they have doubts;
Wash the mud off their ears
And corn off their snouts!
Give them horns to blow on
And drums made of pails;
Some trash lids for cymbals -
Tie balloons to their tails!
How pink and shiny this
Hoard of hogs will be;
The Piggest Parade 
In porker history!

©Donna JT Smith, 2014
The author Michael Ian Black is actually from Connecticut, but the illustrator, Kevin Hawkes is from Maine.  So I am technically cheating on this one, but I don't care.  I like the book and the illustrations. 

In A Pig Parade, the reasons for not having pigs in a parade are listed.  The illustrations are great, with pigs being pigs - real reasons for not having a pig parade.  Why do you think a pig would make a bad majorette?

The Pig Parade on Amazon
Strategy Instructions for using this book
Kevin Hawkes bio on Candlewick Press
Kevin Hawkes' web site

This post was brought to you today by the letter P!

Q comes with U!


  1. love this :) I changed my background, to only a sidebar vs 3 columns thank you for the advice,
    will you please let me know if it is better? thank you Happy Easter

  2. These poems are adorable, Donna! And I'm not familiar with either book, so I'll be sure to look for them next time I'm at the library. Happy Easter!

    1. They are both really well done books! I hope you can find them. I know you would enjoy them.

  3. Again, more books to find, Donna! The poems are terrific, but I really love the first one, so funny to imagine a small stuffed panda whispering to a child, although you might be referring to the "live" ones. Happy Easter!

    1. Oh, it would be great to have a stuffed panda to go with the book when you read it for a bedtime story....and the poem, too!
      Happy Easter to you, too!

  4. I love pandas! Your poem for Panda Whispers is adorable. And your poem for The Pig Parade is quite fun. :)

    1. I'm thinking I need to pick up Panda Whispers for my grandson. I just got him The Pig Parade. This A-to-Z is going to get expensive for me!

  5. Love that panda whisperer--thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Buffy! Q tomorrow! I'll keep on plugging along!

  6. Please thank the letter P for bringing us your fun Poems today! Happy Poetry Month - and good luck with Q tomorrow! ;0)

    1. It's been a perfectly peachy day with P! And Q is quickly taking over!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. How clever of the alphabet to land the P on Poetry Friday!

    Love the panda whispers and lispers, and I think a pig would make a PERFECT majorette because everyone would want to follow that curly tail!

    1. Yes, the alphabet is cleverer than we knew!
      Good reasoning on putting pigs in the parade as majorettes at least!

  8. I loved the image of Panda whispering to a child at bedtime. A great read-aloud review!

  9. Very vivid porker parade, Donna! I can picture those adorable pigs with balloons tied to their tails :-)


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