Of Roosters and Sharks

It's day 7!  Yea!  A whole week of posts in March for Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers AND it's Poetry Friday over at Reflections on the Teche with Margaret Simon  Stop by and enjoy some great posts in both places today!

It seemed that yesterday was a rooster day!

As I was bopping through the Slices for Thursday, someone had posted about their mean rooster that would attack them as a child.  Someone else had mentioned a rooster that would come running after their mother when she was out hanging clothes on the line.

We had a renegade rooster, too, who would come tearing after us.  Now he didn’t always do it, but when I think about it, it was probably when we had the dog in the yard with us, that he would let us pass.  I remember one day hearing my brother, who was probably 8 at the time, yelling wildly from the porch for my mother. She came running from somewhere in the house.  My brother was kind of accident prone, or catastrophe prone, so when she heard him yell or scream, she knew she had to move fast!
So she did.  And there he was on the porch holding with outstretched arm our rooster!  He had him around the neck, and was yelling for help!  The rooster had been chasing our little sister, following her right up onto the porch.  He had rescued her from her attacker, but had no clue how to now get out of this predicament.  He couldn’t just let go or he’d be the victim now!  Mom rescued him from the clutches of that rooster (though to the rooster behavior novices it would look as if the rooster was in his clutches!).

Then, just when I’d thought “hey, that would be a good story to tell sometime” - which I just did - I remembered it was Laurie Purdie Salas’ 15 Words or Less Thursday (go here to see the picture).  I went to her page and saw a picture of a giant rooster outside by a snowbank.  It looked as if the picture had been taken from inside a building.

It looked about as imposing as our rooster did to me when I was a kid.  It looked like it was waiting outside for us.  It was our nightmare rooster from a long ago childhood.
It also reminded me of one other thing.  Maybe you’ve seen it, too.  On TV.  Saturday Night Live.  Remember the shark knocking on the door?

So on that prompt yesterday, and with recent posts, vivid memories and Saturday Night Live sharks floating around in my head, I posted this poem...

Rooster Pranks

“Car’s towed!”
rooster crowed,
eyes glowed.

“Pizza arrived!”
rooster lied.
Entrance denied!

We’ll stay inside.


  1. I didn't get to Laura's post yesterday, will go and look, Donna. You've made me laugh just thinking about the shark-so funny! Ah, the glowing eyes tell a big tale, too!

  2. The story about your brother had me really laughing, Donna...great poem, too.

  3. Fascinating how we notice certain things, you saw posts with roosters, I have noticed many morning stories. I am glad I have not encountered attacking roosters in my life.

  4. That's a great story about your brother :-) We have a lovebird who can be pretty vicious when the mood strikes. Tiny, beautiful little thing, but she can terrify the largest among us.

  5. You are a master storyteller!

  6. How funny, Donna! Isn't it crazy how sometimes something latches on to us and simply will not let go until we have figured out and satisfied its wishes? I think you should turn that story about your brother into a picture book!

  7. Donna, fun to have a story then the poem. I read Laura's responses this week, but didn't write a poem. But I do love waking up each Thursday to her prompts.


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