M is for Martha Ann

Wow!  Five boats, five poems!  There were lots of M lobster boats that I found around here!

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Martha Ann
"Martha Ann"
No more traps and buoys
Just sumac and pine,
Grass waves, not seaweed;
I'm moored with a vine.

Grounded forever
Still proud as I rest
Adrift mid the trees
 The end of my quest.


Morning Star
"Morning Star"
Bright and twinkly, morning star
Sunbeams fall just where you are
Out beyond the rocky shore
Take me where we've gone before

Megan Jill

"Megan Jill"
Our names tell a tale, 
Of lives and our worlds, 
The hopes and the dreams, 
Our dearest of girls.

My Girls
"My Girls"
More than two women
To love for my life
My three loving daughters
And one loving wife
I'd write all their names
But too many there'd be
So it's shorter to say
I'm with My Girls at sea.
Mary Anne II
"Mary Anne II"

My girl, Mary Anne, is light
on her feet;
She dances around the rest
of the fleet;
She slides and she glides, she curtsies
to ocean;
She leaps and cavorts and deserves
our devotion.
My girl, Mary Anne, is sugar
and sweet;
Without her my life would not
be complete.

Educational moment:

Molting - A lobster sheds up to 25 times in the first 5 years of life. The adult lobster molts about once a year. When it molts the lobster's shell cracks along the joint that separates the carapace and the tail and along a line down the middle of its back. The lobster lies on its side to pull itself out of the cracked shell. If the claws get stuck in the knuckle of the claw during molting, the lobster must throw that claw. The old shell is a perfect double of the lobster. The lobster eats its old shell to help harden the new one.  A newly-molted lobster feels rubbery. If it is lifted from the support of the water, its heavy front claws may drop right off. It stays in hiding for a week or two until the new shell is fortified against predators. 


  1. "My Girls" brought a slight tear to my eye.

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  3. I've always felt terrible about eating a lobster even though they are yummy.

    I love your style of writing too -- and the educational moment.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading!
      Now, about eating lobster...we eat cows and pigs and turkeys and shrimp...

  4. Poor Martha Ann!
    Great poems Donna.
    And you did five, that's amazing!

  5. I lived in Maine for 20 years - York Beach and East Boothbay. Lobster boats are my favorite kind of boats. Nothing better than sitting on Ocean Point, EBB in the morning and watching them haul traps. Love your poems.

  6. I read them all, Donna. Your poems should be collected into a "Maine" book. I would think so many there would love it! I enjoyed the 'gull' poem, such scavengers. We have no water, but Western gulls are here, in parking lots & by the few lakes, always looking for a bite of anything! I love "My Girls"-just a beautiful sentiment for that boat, and perhaps for all lobster boats? Thanks for all the work and persistence in keeping true to the topic!

    1. You are right, I should compile these into a book of sorts....I need to nag myself about these things! Maybe I can get my daughter to nag me!

  7. Hello, Donna! Your poems are lovely. Such imagery! Happy National Poetry Month!! Have you seen Robert Lee Brewer's Poetic Asides blog? Every April he posts a poem-a-day challenge. The poem prompts are cool!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

    1. I have not been there. I will have to check it out and yours, too! Thanks!

  8. Great time reading your poems. I love the images you have created.



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