I'd Rather Pick my Nose

A'Pickin' Colors

Awash in bright colors
Drifting away
Aloft in sky blues
Greens carry astray

Aghast that these hues
Create such ado
Affirmed as the choice
Yet I look at anew

Anoint the best shade now
I must be abed!
Another one calls me
I can’t get ahead!

Asleep I should be
But my choices abound
Across the whole spectrum
The options astound!

Afloat in more colors
I wish to avoid -
Appeasing can't happen;
I'm just so annoyed!

Aweigh with the paint chips
Tossed skyward above -
Atop my house floorplan
To land like adove.

Adore where they’ve roosted
I know you’d agree
Aqua should be there
And the browns cast asea.

Amid this confusion
All paint chips aside
Apart from hot pink
The results I’ll abide.

©Donna J.T. Smith, January 29, 2013

I've been trying to pick interior colors for Gull Haven.  It hasn't been easy.
My OLW is "ordered", and this has been the hardest thing to put in order!  This is how I've taken to being able to see if the colors are harmonious...magnetic clips on the refrigerator!  I can see them in different lights during the day and they are in an order so that one paint touches another if it would be seen from a room painted that color.

This is for Kristen at Read, Create, Play!
It looked like she took a picture from my window...
Some snow has fallen off the branches now, but it still looks like we're looking out the same window!


  1. Oh, I so don't envy you! It is so hard to imagine what the color will look like on the walls when you've only got the tiny piece. Good luck with this project. :-)

    1. Thanks, Elsie! It seemed such an easy job at the start. HA! Silly me.

  2. You know, if you don't like one or two, you can re-paint. The colors look terrific & interesting all together, but I am a color person, love all the colors I can get. I think you did very well with the poem, too. Quite funny & with the title!

  3. I enjoyed reading your poem. We are currently trying to pick a color for our bathroom so I can completely relate. It does look like we are looking out the same window!

  4. Picking paint colors is hard work. I remember doing it for our house. The amount of shades of beige could've overwhelmed us. We went with our gut and thankfully we choose right.

    Good luck!


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