Sharing the Sun

Sharing the Sun

Two friends,
Happy friends
Lying in the sun;
Sharing in its warmth
Till the day is done.

Best friends,
Warm friends
Dozing in the glow
Of a wood stove fire
When the sun is low.

Fuzzy friends,
Forever friends
Blanketed in fur;
One gives a sigh,
One returns a purr.

Donna JT Smith


  1. Love the poem title! Thanks for sharing! :-)

    1. Thanks. I like the title, too and am thinking of writing something else (perhaps a book?) to go with that title. There are just phrases that catch my ear sometimes, and I want to do something "grander" with it! We'll see!

  2. I'm still hoping mine will do that.

    1. Sometimes it takes a while. And sometimes it just doesn't happen. I think they need to be particular personalities. And I must say, my cat does have a "particular personality".

  3. Our cat and small dog lay together often. This brings back such good memories, Donna. And it's so nicely done as you always do with the rhythm and rhyme. I think I say that a lot, but you do it so well. Cozy, like my winter love!

    1. Thanks, I do enjoy rhyming verse. I loved your winter letter!

  4. I felt a warm glow as my smile spread across my face...glancing to my left is my Wee Dog, how lucky am I to know the love of a dog.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. They always love you, no matter what. Special creatures...


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