Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finally It's My Dey!

It's "Celebrate Grey Day".  Finally a day I can really get into!

Grey is such an overlooked color, yet it has two ways to spell it.  I've always, from a little girl spelled it 'grey'.  It looks so sophisticated that way.  It's actually the English English way to spell it, and 'gray' is American English.

Grey's personality traits are: neutral, practical, quiet, detached and dismal...courtesy of  Crayola.

There are many shades of gray.  A trip to the paint chip section of the web gives us: Gull Gray, Coventry Gray, Sea Foam, Anchor Gray, Knoxville Gray, Stonington Gray, November Skies, Beacon Gray, Coastal Fog, Iceberg, Cinder Block, Pewter, Nimbus Cloud, Rocky Slope, Castle Rock, Campfire Smoke, Stratus, Falcon, Ashen, Cathedral Gray, Silver Lining, Tarnished  I wish I'd written a poem after reading these instead of before!  These paint chips are a real "found poem"!
Enchanted Learning also has a page of grey things that might help in your celebration of Grey Day.

As I started thinking about grey, I came up with some things to thank grey for.


Grey defines
Walked trails
Biked paths
Driven roads

Grey separates
Crop from crop
Field from forest
Neighbor from neighbor
Cemetery from road
Garden from lawn

Grey tops
Sweaty runners
Waterproof buildings
Long legged Blue Herons
Majestic mountains
Sleeping tabbies

Grey dapples
Swimming fish
Strong Percherons
Rugged Shetland ponies
Ocean waves
Forest floors

Grey is
Egg cartons
Mold on cheese
A covering of fog
Penciling on paper
Clouds in the sky


  1. That repeat at the beginnings of each verse is great, & also that you turned things around, like 'grey dapples.' Nice allusions all the way through.

  2. I love the line about how grey is penciling on paper. I wear a lot of grey. Unfortunately, it keeps popping up on my head. Must be the wisdom pushing through. Ha! :)



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