Eliza Doolittle Day is the Doin's Today

NPR has a great segment on celebrating Eliza Doolittle Day today.
Motto: Think before you speak.  Too many of us speak before we think...if we ever do get to the thinking part (self included).

Language Huggers

Some people will hug trees
And just fall on their knees
To save those majestic green plants

But we hug words written
And our tongues we've bitten
To keep us from ranting some rant!

Use language precisely
And always speak nicely
Don't say that you won't or you can't!

It's a fright for the ear
When we hear what we hear;
Give up on our language we shan't!

All the proper words need
To be nurtured indeed,
Lest words left unused become scant!

Let's keep English intact
For we know for a fact
To use the right words will enchant!


  1. Oh, thanks for the announcement & link. I love My Fair Lady & had forgotten that line about May 20th. I think this time, your poem could turn into a nice picture book about language. I can just see those funny characters shouting out the words that are delightful (& not frightful). The rhyming is just great.

  2. Love Eliza! Used to sing Wouldn't it be Loverly in my crabapple tree when I was a kid.


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